We are not a body with a soul. We are spirit beings with a soul and we live in a body. While the world rightly teaches us to detox our bodies, go on a diet, abstain from certain things, exercise regularly, keep hydrated and many other instructions on how to live healthy, very few mention the need to take care of our souls. Sometimes, we need to detox our souls. We need to identify what’s chipping away at our souls, and what’s getting in the way of us becoming the people God created us to be. We need to learn from God’s Word how we can neutralize these damaging influences and embrace clean living for our souls. We live in a very polluted environment these days, and much of our food is mass produced and altered in such a way that we end up consuming toxins that our body needs to process and eliminate in order for us to enjoy good physical health.
  1. abstain from or rid the body of toxic or unhealthy substances.
    “he checked into a hospital to detox”


There are a variety of cleansing and detoxification protocols and products used today for these physical cleansings of the body. Health specialists often prescribe a detox to cleanse our bodies and restore our health, we need to close temporarily for our souls and spirits to get nourished. Often Christians need a spiritual detox to invigorate our souls. Our spirit also is subject to spiritual toxins, and we are all in need of spiritual cleansing on a regular basis to keep our spiritual life healthy. So i will ask, how often do you detox spiritually? How often do you take time to think deeply on your spiritual health and devise means to improve that health? The bible clearly states that, “Therefore, having these promises, beloved, let us cleanse ourselves from all defilement of flesh and spirit, perfecting holiness in the fear of God. (2 Corinthians 7:1)


What are those things that are slowly eating away at you? What are you defiling your spirit and flesh with? Have you considered the bible reading recipe? Have you thought about how good it will be for you to spend some time feeding on the word and nourishing your system with the food it so badly needs?  “At one time we too were foolish, disobedient, deceived and enslaved by all kinds of passions and pleasures. We lived in malice and envy, being hated and hating one another. But when the kindness and love of God our Savior appeared, he saved us, not because of righteous things we had done, but because of his mercy. He saved us through the washing of rebirth and renewal by the Holy Spirit, whom he poured out on us generously through Jesus Christ our Savior, so that, having been justified by his grace, we might become heirs having the hope of eternal life. (Titus 3:3-7)

So here is the big question. What are you and i going to do about this eternal life that we have received by grace? Someone told me yesterday that i have everything i need in Christ but, i need to start operating my faith. I know full well, that Eternal life can not be interrupted by anything, not even sin. so why not spend time edifying my spirit and soul with the word of my Father who has freely given me all things instead of living in condemnation? Why not abstain from the passions that so easily ensnare me and build intimacy with my new husband, having died to sin in Christ? The only way i know , that is proved to work, is spending time in the word as a means to spiritually detox. Try it out, thank me later,,,,,,it works like magic.

Therefore, while we take some time off to do our spiritual detox, let us activate our faith, let us not Limit God with our shallow imaginations and scenario building.  Let us Boldly approach the Throne with the knowledge that we already have received all that pertains to life and godliness and all we have to do is operate our faith. Let us walk with our chests out and heads high, knowing full well that we are the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus.



“One day when you wake up, you will find that you have become a forest. You have grown roots and found strength in them that no one thought you had. You have become  stronger and and more beautiful. Full of life giving qualities.You have learned to take all the negativity around you and turn it into oxygen for easy breathing . A host of wild creatures live inside you and you call them stories. A variety of beautiful birds rest in your mind and you call them memories. You have become an incredible self sustaining creature of epic proportions dependent on God. And you should be proud of yourself, of how far you have come from the seeds of who you used to be ” – Nikita Gile

Have you ever read this scripture in Mathew 13 : 32 which says with regard to the Kingdom of God being like a mustard seed, “………..which indeed is the least of all the seeds, but when it is grown it is greater than the herbs and becomes a tree, so that the birds of the air come and nest in its branches.”-NKJV. What questions does this stir up in your mind?

Are you aware that you are a seed that must be grown into a tree? That what you have deposited on the inside of you is far greater than you can imagine but you must be deliberate and intentional about growing it ? Are you aware that God’s gift to us is potential, Our gift to God is developing that potential. Do you not know that you have a purpose and you should not just sit there acting normal, you are not normal, you are extra-ordinary!!


I was awakened by a big bang on my bedroom window last year and a crazy friend with a big Afro and colorful flower in the hair was screaming,” put some clothes on and open the door!” please don’t judge me, clothes are too much work. I got up, opened the door and a group of friends shouted surprise!! It was my birthday……….i was growing older. Now as much as that freaked me out,it did not scare me as much as the realization that i was not intentionally investing in my personal growth, it was just accidentally happening and this had to change.

With that realization, I made a deliberate decision to grow even if it was the last thing i was going to do. I chose to take my enrollment at the most prestigious leadership institute in Uganda,(Harvest Institute) more seriously, i started spending time with people who added value to my life through coaching and mentorship, i attended masterminds with the most brilliant brains in the country, i joined a gang that sharpened me and set me up for success, i met people and built networks to carry me along my journey of growth and i began to see the tree sprout out of the seeds i was investing in.  Here is the thing, prior to 2017, i had been growing, in age, in size, accidentally in my leadership and other areas in life, but 2017, i GREW! I intentionally set out to invest in my growth and it is paying off. Allow me to boast because even i ,can tell that i’m not the same woman i was a year ago, I  mean, i am an author now, i study my bible more deliberately and i enjoy it, my leadership lid has increased by leaps and bounds, I connect better with people, i have an opinion that is valuable and i am not shy to share :  all this has not been accidental, it was intentional.

one of the books that changed my life last year was John Maxwell’s 15 invaluable laws of growth. This book at some point discusses “arrivism” which is a disease many of us suffer from. We feel we have accomplished much or arrived and thus have no reason to go higher. It is said that “only a mediocre person is always at his best” I was sad when i read that  forty two percent of college graduates never read a book after college, how depressing is that? We need to do better for ourselves. we need to invest in our growth. we need to become trees!! So this year as you come to the end of January, make a resolution:

  1. To Intentionally Grow
  2. To stretch
  3. To be Teachable
  4. To be willing to serve others
  5. To be grateful
  6. To be continually challenged
  7. To have a sense of direction
  8. To be consistent

You must become a forest, you must bear fruit. And as you do, remember , ” If you won’t be better tomorrow than you were today, then what do you need tomorrow for?” – Rabbi Nachman


Whether you prefer your reading sexy and satirical , political and polarizing, intelligent and inspirational or simply amusing, this year’s Ugandan releases are guaranteed to hit the spot by providing some much needed escapism, while challenging the status quo and sparking timely conversation. The best books of 2017, (hitting your shelves soon) will guide us through 2018 with the opportunity to see the world beyond  our close confines, allow us to learn more deeply about different human and spiritual experiences , or simply offer valuable entertainment.  We live in exciting and exhausting times – why not escape for a bit with great books?



“Chris Refl ections” is a wonderful picture of how Chris goes about his
life, what he has learned along the way and how he believes men should
handle the journey of life. His refl ections delve into various spheres of
life and encourage the reader to reach higher and go further.




“Stranger in my bed will invoke fear, anger,anxiety,laughter,memories and at the same time build anticipation,excitement and Inspiration.”




“I look at life as an untitled book with many blank pages. These pages represent the different days of our lives. Breathtaking colors of memories to be cherished forever, or dark colors of memories you will regret forever. UNTITLED is a sneak peek into the story of my life: My Choices, My Mistakes and My Lessons. I hope that as you read this book; you will be inspired to grab the pen, fill your pages with breathtaking memories, and draw lessons from the dreary pages. Whether we know it or not, the story of our lives is being written every day. Let’s choose to write a story of significance because we are Untitled!!”



“We all need encouragement to live life as powerfully as God intended for us. In this book, encouragement Maestro, Bee3 shares her experience and draws us to seeing  ourselves through God’s eyes. You’ll love it. ” – Julius Lukwago


mosze .jpg


” I must warn you! This book will change you. First, you will find yourself reading more of the bible just to prove whether Moses is concocting stories or using the real bible verses. Then before you know it, you are concerned about your community and want to seriously do something about it. If you don’t want to change, don’t read this book because you will surely find yourself putting a dent in the universe, being part of transformation in the world, or being the change you want to see in the world. ” – Dr. Steven Mugabe



Ray moir .jpg


” Jeremy’s “Man on Top” can be read from two perspectives: one as a sermon, with his life’s journey used as an illustration; and the other as his life’s journey, with lessons from that used as a fusion of practical sharing of experience for others to learn from. In both cases, he draws heavily on Christian scriptures and his personal spirituality either to illustrate, or to explain his messages.

However, that is not all. The book also provides some down-to-earth advice to young men in a way that, for someone my age, lights up a reminiscent smile; and for those men much younger, will send them running to review their wardrobes and re-evaluate their daily habits, life styles, and
relationships. This is not to say the book is written for only young men: what better way for a young woman to get some insights into the how and why of young men than to hear it directly from one of them sharing his life’s experiences, the
evolution of his thought processes, and his path to maturity? Or for parents to get some insight into what children have to go through, and how everything we say and do can shape their lives and destiny for better or for worse?
All this should however not hide the main
message he is really sharing: that in the end, it is his personal relationship with God that has really made him what he is now, a relationship that has to be nurtured and cultivated and watered so that it flourishes; lighting the way to relationships with our spouses, our children, our friends, and
all those we meet in our lives. His message is that our lives then, regardless of what it is we do, are a constant ministry. I am sure this book will speak to you, at one level or another. ” – Dr. F. F. “Tusu” Tusubira
These and 53 other titles ….yes FIFTY THREE  are hitting the scene this December. Be on the look out !!!


R – Resilient

O– organised

S – smile

E – Excellent

Many times we wait until a friend has died to tell the world what a wonderful person they were, and I’m just as guilty as the next person about that. Today my intention is not to do that, i write this with great sadness  and grief. As i celebrate my friend the same way i did when she was with me, i hope you find the courage to celebrate your loved ones while they can still hear you. My Pastor always says,”Celebrate the living”, i couldn’t agree more, buy those flowers, send that card , give that complement, give many hugs , take that trip you have been postponing for years, take a moment to stop , and listen, sit and do nothing, play, live laugh, love.


This beautiful woman, inside and out, was a wonderful friend to me, supporting me  with her gentle and caring nature. One of her beliefs in life was the importance of being authentic with people, saying what needs to be said because it’s good for the relationship and for the soul. Unfinished business causes pain and having peace is essential for a healthy and joyful life. Also, I always admired how she never judged or forced her opinions on anyone, but offered valuable and truthful advice while smiling ; that I will surely miss. You know those friends with whom you have some sorta coded language that only the two of you can understand, that was my Rose. We had a connection. We met at a hangout with a buddy and she immediately said” you are naughty……i want to get to know you better” that was it. we never looked back, later we worked together in the same office. She believed in me and pushed me to apply for study opportunities, find jobs, she paid my rent for a while when i couldn’t afford to, she randomly visited me with lots of shopping, she let me steal her lipstick and make up, let me drive her cars, she let me be me and never complained i was being too much.  I miss you Rose!

Now the hardest part was not losing her, the hardest part has been and still is walking into that office and she isn’t there, picking up the phone to call and i know she wont pick up, passing by her former apartment and suddenly realizing she wont come to the door. The hardest part has been re-reading her emails, seeing all those whats app messages we shared, seeing pictures with so many memories. The hardest part has been sitting in her chair, trying to say bye, i still cant get myself to. my mind has been on replay over the laughter we had , the dreams ( our vision board), the nights we spent just talking about all sorts of silly stuff, i, shopping from your closet, stressing you about new hairstyles to do and how we would lose weight and be super models. The memories are immense, our last conversation at the hospital, how we prayed together and laughed about the nurse that was asking us to tone it down,how i was coming to read to you a funny book i had just discovered the day u left us. I generally don’t know how to deal with loss, my Rose i don’t know how to deal with losing u.

The celebration to bid her fare well passed in a daze. I am now only  recollecting and trying to pull myself together. Rose was meticulously neat and organised. she was classy and elegant always. I am glad that all these things were present even in death. I am also glad that i got to share a few moments with her in her last days, and that they were beautiful moments. I am grateful that i got the opportunity to share life with you, to love you and be there for you.


I have one quarrel though, and its to the people we leave behind when we die. And please bear with me, these may be non issues to you but they really push me up the wall. Do not write “RIP” ever on anything when i die. At least have the decency to write the words in full! “RIP”…………what in hell is that? of….. people can’t spare a few minutes to write a proper tribute for someone they shared life with, they go around throwing “RIP” everywhere. shame upon you lazy people! Secondly, who said wreaths should be ugly and boring? why cant they be beautiful bouquets , after all we are celebrating life , no? why should we import cute flowers for weddings and christenings  and other celebrations only to settle for boring, white , shabbily done round wreaths with fake ribbons, handwritten on with permanent makers “RIP”  These flower companies, did they all go to the same school, study the same thing, can’t they think outside the box?  I guess i’m a weird person but a beg, when i die, whichever flower company you choose to work with, ask them for their best flowers, the kind you would give me if i were still alive!

If there is anything I learned from the passing of my friend, it is that time is truly precious, and its important to be grateful and not take for granted every precious minute granted to me. We never know when the last time will be to see someone. I have learned to make more time for the people I care about, even if it’s five minutes. Whether it be a text or phone call, I make the time now. To each person you care about and love — make sure they know. Hug your loved ones a little tighter. Enjoy your time with them and make as many memories as you can. Take tons of pictures, send cards and letters, and take mini road trips together. Accomplish all you can and chase your dreams. Fulfill your life with all of the things that make you happy as best you can.



In this day and age, people are constantly competing to care less, prove that they don’t need anyone except themselves, and ultimately show the world that they are the most authentic, independent women/men on the planet. All these things seem fantastic until there is a realization that, because we are trying so d*mn hard to be all of these things, we are actually hindering ourselves from developing other qualities that are incredible.

These days, sitting by the phone takes on a whole new meaning, and no, it isn’t any less common.  At one point those days, poor suffering souls would literally stay in hearing distance of the landline in hopes that (S)he would finally call. This sometimes resulted in other missed activities, which was crazy, but eventually the pull of the real world would drive someone away. Or they’d get hungry for something not in the house. These days, its even crazier. we have our phones glued to us 24/7 ( we sleep with our phones in our beds next to us), which doesn’t mean that we can’t leave the house, but it does mean that we can never escape the waiting.

I want to pick up the phone and call him or maybe just text him.. send him a silly joke or maybe have him say anything to make me laugh.  But i don’t want to seem needy…or stalkerish…vulnerability isn’t my strong suite.  Vulnerability for me is practice and commitment, it is earned not just given away. Wait, how did i get here? How did i become the gal that checks her phone a zillion times hoping there’s  a ” hey baby… just thinking about u ”

images CAL;

See this man is Faaaaayyyyyyyynnnnneeeeee!! He has he has a beautiful mind …he says the most intelligently inappropriate things that get me laughing like there’s no tomorrow. My knees get weak and my temperature goes up . He has dope feet, you know those nicely groomed feet that make you want to declare a “sandal  wearing ” month in the entire country; yes those ones. He cleans up sooooo good and when he smiles ………..hooooooo. I’ll drink to dope men.

The other day i was feeling low and i received a package, guess what? ….it was a “just because ” gift. As in!!!!! He has this evil grin that makes my stomach summer-sault. He is not afraid to look into my eyes …its penetrative ….it makes me blush. Yes me!!! Shy catches me around him.

so explain to me how i am this obsessed over a seven day acquaintance? Isn’t love just full of bad manners?  My head tells me why not? But then again….he is just another figment of my imagination. 😂😂😂😂😂

Its always all in my head!! Lord Help the Child!


From sleep wear to-day wear!!! Gooossshhhhh fashion shall be the death of many. Fashion is essentially the most popular mode of expression. It describes the ever-changing style of clothes worn by those with cultural status. A fashion trend occurs when others mimic or emulate this clothing style. Fashions vary greatly within a society over time, but also are affected by age, occupation, sexual orientation, location and social class. Today, a fashion trend starts with fashion designers, who design a spring and fall collection based on cues and inspiration they’ve gathered throughout the season. These cues can include popular culture, celebrities, music, politics, nature or something else entirely. As you read this, Pajamas’s are trending.  Yes you read right, if you are not a slay queen or king, maybe you should let this trend pass you by.  Cheeiiii who would have thought this day would come?  Who even comes up with these things ? My fashionista at ‘His and Her closet’ says, “Changing trends in fashion have always reflected large-scale social and cultural changes and our culture is transitioning” but is this for the better or worse, be the judge.

GettyImages-541178874_masterPeople are now wearing bathrobe’s to red carpet events and they are rocking them  for your information. so before you judge , get some fashion advice from the proprietor of His and her Closet, get an understanding of what this new trend is all about and how you can slay. The key is to aim for stylish luxe, not lazy lounge wear so to avoid looking like you’ve just rolled out of bed;

  • stay away from cotton fabrics. Instead, go for soft silks and shiny satin shirts.
  • When choosing shirts, look for distinguishable pyjama details – we’re talking side piping, an open neckline and loose sleeves.
  • Play with proportions to add more interest to your outfit. An oversized pyjama inspired shirt and skinny jeans are a match made in heaven.
  • Finishing the sleepwear look off with heels is a must, keeping your look polished, classy and chic.
  • Jewelry is a great way to dress up your outfit day or night. Offset the soft fabrics with bold earrings, a statement ring or a boyfriend watch.
  • Think the whole look is too feminine? Tough it up with a gold detail statement bag or leather clutch.
  • Worried about how to add cover up a co-ord? Textured coats in faux fur or a belted kimono will keep the look current and sophisticated. Pairing your pyjama inspired piece with a bold red lip or a pair of shades adds just the perfect touch of glam.


The pyjamas trend is both versatile and comfy, so whether you’re running errands or heading to a work meeting , Rachael  guarantees your outfit will turn heads for the right reasons!

  • For brunch with the girls, team up a blush pink shirt with your favourite blue jeans and nude gladiators.
  • To turn heads in a boardroom, opt for a blazer kimono with tailored trousers and a dash of red lippie.
  • A night out in the town calls for a silk black pyjama inspired shirt teamed with leather trousers and killer heels.
  • Shop til you drop with a loose-fitting co-ord pyjama set, clean white vest and platform sandals.

Still not convinced? See how our Fashionista made the Pyjama look her own!!


I have also been informed its floral season and from what I gather , while the floral print trend has been in full bloom for as long as we can remember, this year has brought with it over-sized floral motifs that even include 3D designs. For those less willing to live in bloom all season long, the floral trend still continues from previous years with printed pants, mini-dresses, skirts, and everything else retailers can put a flower on. Florals are all about having fun with fashion and embracing the joy and romance, go for them!!


Visit the shop at The Kampala Boulevard building F 35 for more fashion advice and don’t forget to carry your visa card, you may want to shop till you drop! How did i even forget, Every Friday you get to shop as you sip some free wine !!!  Its shopping till you drop i tell you.




Growing up where I grew, fashion was not one of those things we dreamed about or maybe we didn’t quite comprehendwhat it was. It was nowhere near our big reality. When we were not in Uniform , we wore our nicely pressed second-hand clothes that were recycled very often since they weren’t that many. we had this cool aunt though, who would travel every so often and she would bring back dope stuff. she wore high heels and cool Jackets and with her beautiful features, wore lipstick. she looked like she was a million dollars  in and out of season, I mean ,we had not seen anyone like her in the whole village. she defined classy and beautiful.


This month I am celebrating the life of my Aunt Jovita (RIP) by introducing her “twin” who owns His & her Closet. She inspired every fashion gene there is in my entire family. Her “twin” sister (Rachael) who was separated only by skin color, often got the privilege to borrow her clothes and show off at school. We were so little yet all we ever wanted was to become like them. This sense of fashion did not die with my beautiful aunt, it was passed on to each and every one of us in small portions manifesting now in big and unexplainable ways. My sister and I attended the same schools, we were growing so fast and suddenly we had to dress ourselves every day, and we took to the challenge like a fish to water. we realized this was another opportunity to express ourselves creatively, to figure out and communicate who we were as a people. We stopped sewing clothes for dolls and our brother started advising us on what was trending and what wasn’t. He accused us of being fat (he still does) and later he and our aunt ventured into the clothes business “Fashionista” and we became regular clients.

Mutesi Rachael Brahma, now runs the “His & Her closet” and this gal is crazy for fashion. Every time I see her and the things she loves to do ( travel, meet new people , shop, ) i see my late aunt Jovita alive in her. We will be showcasing some of her clothes on my blog and i hope that by reading this, you will discover the fashionista in you. That you will be inspired to look good, take care of yourself and give people their worth for staring at you.She always said, ” you do not have to be rich to look stunning” iron your second-hand blouse, wear it with a hot skirt or pants, don’t forget the heels , they give you a sophisticated look and the lipstick is a must have! Now who wouldn’t want an aunt like that ?


Will be sharing some of the pieces from all the famous brands that can be got from her shop at The Kampala Boulevard, F-35. This His & Her closet was named after her adorable son and daughter but that is a story for another day. Today I am giving thanks and celebrating the life of one beautiful soul that was daring enough to be different. That defied the odds and lived her life different from the whole village where we grew and because she sowed these seeds, we are who you see because so many years ago in Katete, Jovita refused to be like everyone else, She defied the odds and set a trend with splendid simplicity. She continues to live in each of us and everyone born into the family automatically adapts her cool style, yes we are cool like that!


So who are you, what is your personality? what are your clothes saying about you? how are you creatively expressing yourself through what you wear and look like? remember people will stare, everyday, make it worth their while (wink)